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SS Studios Workflow and Delivery

Our technical team keeps SS Studios current with the latest workflow and delivery systems and we support both digital and "traditional" media.

Our latest digital workflows are driven by custom XML files, which automate our projects using information from our production database. By setting up job parameters for each project, these files include data governing the RIP, trapping, screening, as well as file management. The XML files can be overridden at any point in the production process, allowing for "on-the-fly" changes to a given project.

SS Studios supplies PDF proofs and finished press ready files in a variety of formats, which can be e-mailed directly to clients or posted to our FTP site for retrieval.

In addition to digital proofing, SS Studios continues to supply traditional Color Key and custom matched Waterproofs® to many of our clients. These analog ("film-based") products allow for an accurate and tangible assessment of separations, traps, and screens before going to press.

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