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SS Studios Packaging PreMedia Services

More commonly known as "pre-press", today's technologies expand the possibilities beyond traditional avenues...

Customized Workflows
SS Studios uses a variety of comprehensive, high-end workflow solutions to meet the ever changing demands of a technology driven industry. Our newly developed workflow system increases pre-press productivity by streamlining many of the labor-intensive front-end and RIP-based tasks into simple, automated functions. Driven by our own technology team, SS Studios' exclusive production routines assure consistency from job to job with customized XML codes written to match the specific and changing needs of our customers. Additionally, our traditional systems continue to handle legacy files, allowing our clients access to an archived library of their previous work.

Universal File Formats
SS Studios' professional teams are experts in the current generation of desktop graphics programs, providing workflows that facilitate the data interchange between designers, consumer product companies and other pre-press professionals. Most commonly, we are able to export Adobe® Illustrator® and PDF® files in a smart handshake format, allowing print-ready production files to be opened and edited in their native applications.

Customized Trapping
SS Studios' color trapping is truly a blend of our exclusive traditional concepts and the latest algorithms. Our professional team's years of experience allows us to custom-craft traps and spreads for each project. We can tailor those traps and spreads for individual printers. Using the latest technology, we handle very complex trapping situations, including ones that support Adobe® transparency and blend modes. The resulting solutions are compliant with today's packaging needs, and are capable of handling special color pairs, opaque inks, varnishes, white plates, rich black trapping, etc.

Screening Technologies
By nature, "traditional" screening creates hard transitions in the highlights of a printed image, both in Flexographic and in standard dry-offset printing. SS Studios offers several screening alternatives, designed to minmize the highlight "break" associated with these conventional processes. Additionally, these screens are able to produce whiter highlights and more saturated color. Our most popular choices include Classic Hybrid Screening™, Quantum Hybrid Screening™ and Feather-Edge Screening©

Classic Hybrid Screening™

Quantum Hybrid Screening™

Feather Edge Screening©

Feather Edge Screening©
is an SS Studio's exclusive product. Developed here at the studio, the technology has been used extensively by several major labels over the past several years.

Digital Delivery
SS Studios' integration with today's internet solutions includes configuring automations, remote proofing and online approvals, allowing for quicker client contact and timely delivery of completed digital materials.

Traditional Delivery
Often forgotten in the scramble to keep up with the latest technologies, it is important to note that SS Studios continues to support the traditional manufacture of film and plates. Standard analog proofs, such as Color Key and Waterproof still remain dependable previews of printed pieces, and are delivered with the same quality as any of the newer, digital proofing techniques.

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