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SS Studios Customer Service

Customer service at SS Studios has a long tradition of successful client engagements. Our highly knowledgeable customer service team is ready to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have regarding your project. They personally schedule and evaluate every customer submission so they always have first hand knowledge of your project.

SS Studios' policy is to assign one customer service member to be the contact person for each of our clients. This gives you one knowledgeable person to talk to. Your personal customer service representative becomes your resource for not only all your jobs but also for the many options that SS Studios' rapidly expanding technologies can bring you.

We use a custom scheduling program that allows customer service to track jobs through production. Any project that is not on schedule is quickly identified. If needed, customer service quickly advises you of any issues so that your project will meet your anticipated delivery time.

Quality and accuracy are the corner stones in prepress. We strive to assure that every job we produce meets high standards. Should a problem or concern ever arise, our customer service team will immediately address the issue and deliver a prompt solution.

Feel free to contact either of our team leaders for more information.

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