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  1023 Commerce Avenue
Union, New Jersey 07083
Voice: 908.686.5536
Fax: 908.686.4933
SS Studios Art Guidliness
Platform: Hardware Capabilities
  Mac OS 8.6 - MacOS X (v10.6)  
  Windows XP®  
  ESKO® - Artwork Systems Nexus®  
  Ceo/Scitex Brisque® v4.1  
Programs: File format compatibility
  Adobe® Illustrator®  
  Adobe® InDesign®  
  QuarkXpress®: versions 3.2 through 6  
  Corel Draw®: versions 4.0, 5.0, 7.0 and 8 only  
  Adobe® Photoshop®  
  Postscript (files printed to disk with fonts and graphics included)  
  JPEG (with very low compression)  
  DXF & DWG (up to AutoCAD 14)  
  ESKO® Artwork Systems - ArtPro Files  
  Creo/Scitex® - Handshake LW & CT and NewLW & NewCT  
Fonts: Usable font formats
  Postscript Type 1  
  True Type  
  Postscript Type 3  
Communications: Online connections
  For FTP or e-mail access please contact our customer service department at 908-686-5536  
Compression: Programs for reducing file sizes and transmission times
  StuffIt 10 (Mac & Windows)  
  Zip (Mac & Windows)  
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